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Teeth Whitening

Consuming coffee, nicotine and general foods means that your teeth will naturally discolor over time. Maybe now is the time to reclaim your gorgeous white smile and the confidence that brings. Unlike cheap teeth whiteners, dental approved whiteners can help lighten your teeth 10-12 shades faster.

  • In office Teeth whitening: You can book a regular appointment to come in and try our teeth whitening service. It is a short appointment where we will use professional grade whitening agents to help whiten your teeth

  • At Home teeth whitening: After a consultation we can create an at-home mould for you to use safely at home, creating extra convenience. Most patients will notice a difference within 2 weeks

  • Safety & side effects of teeth whitening: Like most dentists we feel this is a very safe procedure when done with supervision. Occasionally mild sensitivity may occur, but can be resolved with time and brushing.

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