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Dental Hygiene

Having a dental home routine is as important as your dentist treatment i.e. brushing and flossing regularly and correctly, at a minimum of twice a day (after meals). Not only will it keep your mouth clean but it will also prevent diseases. Cleaning between your teeth is called interdental cleaning and it’s as important as brushing your teeth.

  • Flossing: This is one of the most important habits to develop. Flossing irregularly or not flossing at all is one of the main causes of gum disease. You can choose to floss with the traditional dental floss or you can use pre-threaded flossers. Plaque isn’t removed by brushing alone and eventually hardens and becomes tartar or calculus.

  • Brushing: Electric toothbrushes are very popular, but whether its electric or a manual brush it should be held at a 45˚angle to your teeth. Gently rotate the bristles across your teeth, under your gums with a backward and forward movement. Repeat on the inside surface of your teeth. Toothpaste needs to contain fluoride and this is important. It helps to harden the outer layer of your teeth. This enamel helps to prevent cavities and reduces bacteria in the mouth.

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