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General Dentistry

Here are Cura Dental we offer everything you would expect from the best dentistry team in Mississauga. With years of expertise, we blend our training and experience with a modern attitude to dentistry.


 Fillings: When left untreated cavities will decay and eventually lead to extractions and expensive dental surgery. We use white fillings to stop the decay and get you back to great dental health
Bridges & crowns: Commonly patients will visit us requiring a bridge or crown. Whether it is a cosmetic need or to prevent decay we can help with all Bridges and Crown dentistry
Professional cleaning & Hygiene: Dr. Essa and her team will ensure that you receive a professional clean and polish every time. Through consulting x-rays and regular appointments, we will help you create a plan that works for you.
Cosmetic dentistry: We know how important your smile is and how it can affect confidence in everyday situations. Contact us today to discuss all your cosmetic needs from teeth whitening to teeth straightening solutions


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